GCA, repair safely and cleanly

Unique product on the market for downspout repairs, without the need to come into contact with wastewater.

The GCA is synonymous with hygiene, healthiness, efficiency, speed and minimizes the risks of exposure to bacteriological agents, according to the national institute of hygiene and safety at work. Definitive solution for these tasks at a very economical cost.


What is the GCA?

The Globo Corta Aguas® (Water Cutting Balloon) is a single-use tool used to retain wastewater in PVC downspouts and sewers during repairs, preventing leakage from deteriorated cisterns and the accidental discharge of wastewater to the operator, his work environment and tools.

When repairing horizontal collectors, it also avoids having to collect the wastewater while the repairs are being made.

Safety and hygiene

Globo Corta Aguas® (Water Cutting Balloon) is a tool that minimizes the hygienic risks associated with infections and other illnesses due to occupational exposure to chemical and biological agents, in addition to facilitating compliance with occupational risk prevention regulations, it also helps to keep the work environment and tools free of contamination.

Water retention in downspout repairs

GCA provides value-added solutions


The problem arises at the time a repair is made to a downspout or sewage disposal collector.


Drill a 30 cm hole above the damage and insert the GCA, the spray will inflate it. In this way we will close the passage of liquids.

World Novelty

It is a novelty, due to its ingenious design, functionality and cost. It has received several mentions for best innovative product at Construmat 2017.

How does it work?

With a Ø 40 mm crown, a hole is drilled in the downspout at approx. 30 cm. above the damage, insert the GCA into the hole without cutting the clamp and apply the spray charge until the balloon is fully inflated inside the downpipe and plugged.

Get to know all our GCAs

We have 6 types of GCA to perform any type of repair on downspouts of all sizes and collectors.